2022 Metropolis of Detroit Philoptochos No Show Event

Metropolis of Detroit Philoptochos 

No Show Event through May 31, 2022


As Philoptochos celebrates ninety years of philanthropy, the spirit of the ladies is defined by their dedicated service to others. Philoptochos members can always say without hesitation or doubt, “we serve” the underprivileged and those in need. The mission of Philoptochos and legacy of charitable work has continued uninterrupted for many years.

To continue our mission, the Metropolis of Detroit Philoptochos Board is planning a “No Show” fundraiser to provide support of our very important Metropolis charities. The Metropolis includes seven states over many miles. Getting together for a fundraiser is a challenge. Our goal is to reach all our members through email and social media so everyone can participate. This is a non-attendance event.

In 2020, the Metropolis Board celebrated women who inspired us in our mission and life. From March 30 – May 31, 2022, we will be honoring and memorializing men who are near and dear to us: grandfathers, fathers, brothers, godsons, clergy, husbands, and the list continues. The men in our lives help and support Philoptochos ladies in all the work that we do.