The St Nicholas Philoptochos of Ann Arbor, MI Operation Classroom

St Nicholas Philoptochos, Ann Arbor, MI
Operation Classroom- The St Nicholas Philoptochos of Ann Arbor, Michigan set up a school supply drive for the month of September in. There was great participation and enthusiasm from their entire parish. They would like thank to everyone who so generously donated school supplies, children’s masks, sanitizers, and many other items for Erickson Elementary, Ypsilanti MI. Artemis Alex and Joy Melzian delivered the supplies and were met by Principal Kelly Mickel, Secretary Leslie Greenhill, and Head Custodian Todd Gilbert.
Principal Mickel was so very grateful for the kindness in helping both the teaching staff and students as they continue to work together while following proper protocols. Thank you to the St Nicholas Philoptochos your efforts were very much appreciated!